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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Frugal Family {Frugal Fashion}

My family has become more and more frugal with the way we live over the years, and more so now this last year. We have become more aware of our spending and ways to spend less money and we love it! 

Some people are just content with minimal savings, like saving their dollars by eating at home instead of dinners out, but, the thought of wearing someone else’s clothes may be crossing a line for them.

I will do my best to change your mind about this! First, you need to get the thought out of your head that everyone will know and that you will look like you are wearing second hand clothing. Unless YOU tell, no one will know! I would like to show you how to spruce up your wardrobe inexpensively and, by doing so, saving a great deal of money.

Let me start off by telling you that I MUST dress well. I work in a corporate environment where clothes are key. Now, with that you may ask, ‘Do you have to shop at Goodwill or yard sales?’ My answer is no. I can well afford to shop in the mall yet I choose not to. When my kids were little, I really needed to financially but didn’t then. It was important for me for my kids to look good and be happy. I just didn’t know at that time that they could, and for less money!

So, where do you start? Start by getting your family accustomed to the idea. That is your biggest hurdle. Remind them that no one will know unless they tell them. Use whatever method works for you. Now, my ‘kids’ are older. Yes, I still call them ‘kids’ but they are, in fact, on their own and have their own families. My intention was to show them HOW you can have fabulous clothes on a dime, thereby instilling saving and not falling into the retail trap.

The next step is knowing what you want when you go in. You really cannot go into a Goodwill or a yard sale thinking ‘I need a blue top for my skirt’. The odds of that happening are slim to none. There are basics that I am always on the lookout for and these are:

ü  Black- anything that is a quality fabric, in my size and in black is great. This is a basic in my wardrobe. Black looks classy, is slimming, and matches with so much.

ü  Trench coat- Yes, a trench. They are classy and something that is always in style. While I attempt to locate mine in thrift shops, etc, I did purchase mine retail. In this instance, $15 was a great price for a brand new London Fog and I wasn’t passing it up.

ü  Dress Pants- With my career, I am always on the lookout for dress pants.

ü  Classic White Button Down Shirts- I love the clean, classy look of a button down shirt worn alone and it can be a staple with your sweaters when weather turns cool.

ü  Skirts- I never wear skirts. That is just me. But, I am always on the lookout because my daughter loves them. They allow her to move easily with two little ones and be a bit cooler in this Florida heat.

ü  Blazers- I LOVE a good blazer. It can make an outfit great. It can be paired with your dress pants or even your jeans.

ü  Dresses- I am always on the lookout for great inexpensive dresses. While I don’t really wear them often, when a need comes up I don’t want to have to go spend $100.

ü  Tops and Sweaters- Here I am on the lookout for both casual and work wear and sometimes those intertwine. I am always on the lookout for great quality T-shirts. They can be worn alone or layered.

ü  Jeans

ü  Shoes

ü  Jewelry

ü  Handbags

My price point is around $20 an outfit. Yes, this can be done! Typically, pants and tops are under $4 and shoes are approximately $6. Accessories run around $2. And if you are lucky, maybe less! Garage/yard sales tend to have lower prices. Goodwill, in my area, price points are about $4. Sometimes, Goodwill does have sales. When they do, I am there! The past few weekends they have had $1 items and I really invested in my wardrobe at that price!
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