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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FlyLady's Basic Weekly Plan

FlyLady's Basic Weekly Plan

I want you to think about the things you need to do every week. Select which days you want to do these things, put it on your calendar for next week, and stick to it. Make an appointment with yourself LOL! Try it for one week. It may surprise you that your week can revolve around these appointments. This is what I do. With the Basic Weekly Plan, we decide on a day to do things and stick to it. I never knew how much this would help my lack of organization. Knowing that I do my shopping on Thursday, my cleaning on Monday and my desk day on Friday allows me the freedom to schedule things according to the day. When you know what the day is, you know what has to be done. It is another way to be on autopilot. - FlyLady
Monday: Weekly Home Blessing (8:00am-9:00am)
  1. Get Up and Dress to Shoes
  2. Laundry
  3. Weekly Home Blessing Hour
    1. Cull/toss old magazines.
    2. Change sheets.
    3. Empty all the trash.
    4. Vacuum all rooms.
    5. Mop kitchen and bath.
    6. Clean mirrors and doors.
    7. Feather Dust furniture.
Tuesday: Free Day
  1. Water and fertilize plants.
  2. Spend 15 minutes in the current zone.
Wednesday: Zone Clean and Partial Desk Time
  1. Finish Zone Cleaning Chores.
  2. Remainder Weekly Cleaning.
  3. Make sure refrigerator is clean.
  4. Write thank-you notes.
  5. Work on menus and grocery list for next week.
  6. Balance check book before going shopping.
Thursday: Grocery and Errand Day
  1. Make sure menus are planned before you go shopping.
  2. Check grocery list one last time before you walk out the door. Take your list with you.
  3. Grocery Day.
  4. Errand Day:
    1. Library.
    2. Post office.
    3. Buy gifts and cards.
    4. Buy candles.
Friday: Paperwork and Misc.
  1. Be romantic today.
  2. Get food from the freezer for next week.
  3. File papers.
  4. Write letters and cards.
  5. Clean out purse.
  6. Mend clothes and polish shoes.
  7. Pet care (Flea and Heart Meds).
  8. Clean out car and check fluids.
  9. Clean laundry room.
  10. Mail film to Mystic Labs.

Yeah! It's the weekend! Time for the weekend dance! LOL! Have some fun! - FlyLady

Friday: is "Date Night"
Saturday: is "Family Fun Day"
Sunday: is "Renew Your Spirit Day"




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