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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FlyLady's Weekly Checklist

FlyLady's Weekly Checklist

To help you create your Basic Weekly Plan, you may want to write out a list of all the things that need to be done in an area. This is the Weekly Checklist. Then schedule these tasks into the Basic Weekly Plan.
This is my list. I keep it accessable all week and use it to cross off the tasks that are done. - FlyLady
  1. Scrub floor.
  2. Wash area rugs.
  3. Clean out refrigerator.
  4. Replace foil on drip pans.
  5. Sweep decks (all).
  1. Polish mirror.
  2. Empty trash.
  3. Mop floor.
  4. Change vacuum bag.
  1. Clean Mirror.
  2. Vacuum carpet.
  3. Dust.
  4. Change sheets.
Livingroom, Dining Room, and Family Room
  1. Dust furniture.
  2. Vacuum carpet.
  3. Clean mirrors.
  4. Cull/toss old magazines.
Paperwork and Misc. Duties
  1. Plan menu for next week.
  2. File County Commissioner Stuff.
  3. Write letters and cards.
  4. Clean out purse.
  5. Water and fertilize plants.
  6. Polish shoes and mend clothes.
  7. Pet care (flea and heart meds)
  8. Clean out truck.
  9. Straighten out laundry room.
  10. Mail off film to Mystic Labs.
  11. Errands:
    1. Grocery.
    2. Library.
    3. Post Office.




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