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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FlyLady's Morning Routine

FlyLady's Morning Routine

This is my full "morning routine". It took me several months to work up to a full blown morning routine. I did most of the things, but they were not automatic. Now they are. Look at the way I move through the house starting with getting dressed. As I move from room to room, I am finished with most of it. Then I check to see if I have missed anything on my list.
I realize this may seem like a lot, but if you do your "Before Bed Routine", this part is a piece of cake. All you are really doing is getting dressed, sprucing up the bathroom, going to the kitchen, and taking care of yourself. - FlyLady
The morning routine is broken down into four parts:
  1. Rise and Shine
    1. Make your bed as soon as you get out of it (unless your DH is still there).
    2. Go into the bathroom.
    3. Shower and clean the bathroom while you are there.
    4. Fix your hair and face.
    5. Swish the toilet and leave the room never to return till later. It is clean and you can forget about it for now.
    6. Leave your bedroom with a load of laundry in hand and go straight to the washer.
  2. Kitchen
    1. If you did your Before Bed Routine, the kitchen is clean and all you need to do is empty the dishwasher.
    2. Make coffee and start breakfast.
    3. Feed the critters.
    4. Feed the family (including yourself).
  3. Think About Your Day
    1. Check your calendar.
    2. Make your list of what you are going to do today (PODA or To Do List)
    3. Thaw something for dinner.
    4. Checkbook (bring down your balance).
    5. Reboot the laundry (put in dryer).
    6. Hit the hotspots. If you did your Before Bed Routine there will not be any.
  4. Now Think About Yourself
    1. Take your vitamins and medications.
    2. Sit down.
    3. Eat breakfast (if you haven't already).
    4. Morning Meditation: God, Imagination, Focus, Thanksgiving (GIFT).
    5. Now reward yourself with some computer time. Check your e-mail.




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