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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FlyLady's Before Bed Routine

FlyLady's Before Bed Routine

The Before Bed Routine is the most important routine of the whole day. Set a regular time to do your Before Bed Routine. Then do it - starting tonight. I start mine as soon as dinner is complete. Others start theirs in the afternoon while they are getting supper ready. It is up to you. - FlyLady
There are three parts to the Before Bed Routine:
  1. Clean up the house before you go to bed. (20 minutes - tops)
    1. Living room: Pick up and put away things, magazines, dishes, clothes, shoes.
    2. Kitchen: Clean it up, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, and run the dishwasher.
    3. Dining room/entrance: Clear the hot spots.
    4. Review your check list to make sure you have not forgotten anything.
  2. Think about tomorrow before you go to bed.
    1. Check your calendar and/or planner for appointments.
    2. Start a PODA (Parade of Daily Adventures) or "To Do" list for tomorrow.
    3. Think about: What can I do tonight that will make tomorrow morning easier? (make lunches?)
    4. Gather up items that you do not want to forget and place them in a spot by the door. Make sure you can see them before you walk out.
    5. Make sure children have their things gathered up and put away.
    6. Start Breakfast: Set table and plan what you are cooking (just make a mental note).
    7. If you plan to use the crock pot, then get some of those things ready so all you have to do is throw it together.
    8. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow. It is a simple thing that saves lots of time by being decisive. If something needs to be ironed, or has a spot on it, you can deal with it in a calm manner or choose to wear something else. Take it to the cleaners on your errand day, launder it, or fix that missing button according to your schedule - no pressure. All the stress has been relieved.
  3. Focus on yourself before going to bed.Cool down time:
    1. Get yourself ready for bed.
    2. Brush your teeth, clean your face, comb your hair.
    3. Take vitamins and other meds.
    4. Bath time! Bubbles mmmmmm...
    5. Put on jammies, or sexy night gown, or... nothing. LOL!
    6. You are now ready for bed. I am not saying that you have to go to bed, but you can, because you are ready to get between those sheets.
    Reflect on today's accomplishments:
    1. Work on your journal, TaDa list (accomplishments), and/or Gratitude Journal.
    2. Read for fun.
    3. Read to each other.
    4. Listen to music. It doesn't matter what kind - just relax, and it has to be something you enjoy, or you won't do it.
    5. Prayer and/or Meditation.
    6. Snuggle in for the night and lights out. Go to bed at a decent time. Preferably at the same time daily!
    7. Fall asleep with a smile on your face and in your heart!
Now, if you are unable to do the entire three part Before Bedtime Routine, that is fine. Start small - just these three items:
  1. Clean kitchen sink.
  2. Lay out clothes/put clothes away.
  3. Brush teeth.




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