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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wags- Neutrogena Trial size are still producing RR! $.22 get $10!

Posted on my Favorite site, A FULL CUP in the Wags Forum:

Neutrogena Trial size are still producing RR! $.22 get $10!

I did not know about this until I tried it today, but when I came to search about it, it was mentioned by LBurgess, but I think most people missed it since it was buried deep in the thread.

I am making this new tread so people do not miss out on this !!!!

I was able to find the trial size Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash 1 oz bottle for $.74. The UPC is 070501417188

Buy three
$.74 x 3 = $2.22
Use 2 $1 facial products coupon (does NOT exclude trial sizes, the $1.50 coupon does) Using 2 coupons will not beep, 3 will.

OOP $.22 and out printed my $10 RR!

I was able to find a ton of these in 3 different stores in Las Vegas. I got a total of 36 doing 4 transactions in each store and left product on the shelf each time. I unfortunately did not figure this deal out until this afternoon after I had already been to 6 other Wags  There were other stores I did not find trail sizes in. But I am still so excited. $120 in RR for less than $5 with tax! FYI...As not to draw attention to this with the cashiers, I always added this to orders with other items in them.

I don't get to Vegas very often, but my son was going to visit and friend and I had to have him at the airport this morning so I really lucked out. I hope you all can find these too!

Here is the original post I found by lburgess so she can get credit for the find.
Originally Posted by lburgess View Post
It worked for me at all the stores I went to. They were the Oil-Free Acne Wash and they rang up .99 on Saturday night. After I did 12 transactions they pulled display from the floor, saying that they had to contact management to confirm if it was okay for people to buy them. Every WalGreens in the SLC area had them pulled yesterday. I only made it to 4 WalGreens Saturday :^(

It also worked on the trial size moisturizers but I don't have the UPC for those since I gave them to a friend. I will try to get the UPC from her.

I did all my transactions before the 25% sale was in the computers so I didn't get that discount.




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