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Saturday, May 15, 2010


About me:

I am a married, mother of 3 adult children, a 43 year old grandmother to one, and TWO more grandchildren on the way. I am very close to my children. All live within about a mile of our home. I love being a mother and a grandmother. I saw a family motto on someone else’s blog (I wish I could give credit, but I cannot remember who’s blog) that best describes my feelings on my home and family:

No empty chairs.
This is my Grandson, Evan:

Photobucket How this all got started:

He is the light of my life!

I am probably like most of you, where I want “things” but have no “extra” money. Our circumstances may just be different. My husband and I both work for a Fortune 500 company that has also been listed on Fortune’s Best Places to Work, repeatedly. Due to the economic crisis, those who didn’t lose their jobs in layoffs were forced to take pay cuts, lose merit increases, stop of profit sharing, and no bonuses.

We were forced to change the way we lived in order to pay for basic necessities.


A friend came into work and said she saw a program on TV where someone went shopping and got her groceries close to free. Well, that’s all I need to hear and I researched. We started couponing to make our dollar stretch. We learned quickly that we can save a lot and sometimes get everything almost free! It helps us out and helps my kids out.

Crafts & Home Decor:


I want to challenge you like I do myself. When you go to a store, look at how something is made. Think to yourself, is this something I can copy? This way of thinking can be applied to a lot of items. Clothing, furniture, crafts, etc.




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